Appendix for: "Theresa Vaughn and the Buckbee banjo"
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1) Interesting banjo history article from 1882.
Theresa's stage performances began in 1881, at age18.
She would soon become a major musical star in America and also in England
The book has more details.
This clipping was published just before Theresa and the Buckbee banjos
became were well known. It's an interesting, informative and long article.
It however is wrong in not recognizing the African slave gourd
as the forerunner of the banjo.
The Evening star., April 08, 1882, Page 3, Image 3 : Click here

2)Theresa's a Constellation
Pittsburg dispatch., August 25, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 12, Image 12 : Click here

3) Interesting banjo history article from 1890.
The Indianapolis Journal., October. 26, 1890, PART ONE, Page 3, Image 3 : Click here

4) Theresa and William off to England & Europe,
Note "the spritely juvenile lady" in paragraph 5
Daily globe., March 11, 1883, Page 2, Image 2 : Click here

5) "Love at first sight". American soldier, while visiting England & France,
discovers Theresa Vaughn. Great article from 1891.
The Salt Lake herald., June 24, 1891, Page 5, Image 5 : Click here

6) Theresa, the apotheosis of the girl
Peekskill NY Highland Democrat June 17,1893 : Click here

7) Story about Winnie the News Girl
The NY sun., November 29, 1896, 2, Image 16 : Click here

8) Our great 19th century summary : Click here

9) Our 21st century. American Carol. Great parody of Michael Moore and the 21st century.
Full movie on Youtube : Click here